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A small-town New Hampshire radio DJ who fights to protect his family and community after the power grid goes down nationwide, upending modern civilization. A reluctant hero (Rami Malek) must navigate this new world while providing safety for his family, and hope for the future.


PILOT - Local radio DJ Simon Itani finds himself a target, as a sudden blackout rocks the isolated community of Berlin, New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Hunter and his high school friends’ planned weekend camping trip goes dangerously awry.

DEAD AIR - The first night of the blackout leads to frayed nerves around town, so Simon decides to offer a reassuring voice to the cut-off community over the radio airwaves. Lost in the woods, the four disoriented teenagers make a shocking discovery.

SLOW BOIL - Simon and Carla argue about the best way to deal with the persistent blackout, as Madeline tries to consolidate her own power in town. Simon heads to Canada to try to find Hunter, we meet a hermit in the woods who knows more about the blackout than he lets on.

SAFE SPACE - Simon learns that the blackout might cross state and national lines.

NORMAL - The Itani family tries to enjoy Halloween. While Berlin tries to find peace, Lincoln returns to town.

THE TRIAL - Madeleine serves as judge and jury in a trial. Simon makes a deal. Izzy carries out a daring plan.

ANIMALS - Madeleine’s new regime tightens its stranglehold. Simon is forced to play a role.

WHITEOUT - Alliances shift and an escape attempt is made.


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